Let’s Get Real About Mindfulness

Katharine Chestnut
2 min readApr 4, 2024
Lean into authenticity, my friend.

I had the most insightful conversation with a friend in the coworking world recently. We’re both marketing nerds at heart, so she wanted to pick my brain on why someone would want to be part of this mindfulness community I’ve built.

It started with me opening up about why I first embarked on this mindful journey years ago. After decades of personal growth work, I decided to recapture the joy and peace I used to feel — before narcissistic abuse rocked my world. I turned to creating meditations (which you can find on Insight Timer ) and rediscovered the magic of mindful journaling.

But why share these practices? Because they helped me in profound ways I never could have predicted. I wanted to extend that peace and joy to others — to you.

When my friend asked who I had in mind, I admitted it was initially easier to connect with women like myself — career-driven but nurturing, always craving growth while navigating life’s bumps. Does that resonate with you?

Then she said something that struck a chord:

Be yourself. Don’t be what you think a mindfulness guru should be. Just be you. Trust your story. People will smell bullshit.

Wow. You know what? She’s absolutely right. I’m not here to put on airs. I’m here to keep it real, to share authentically from my own experience.

So let’s stay real together. Comment and share what mindfulness practices bring you joy and peace. I want to hear all about it!

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